Lenovo introduces new ThinkVision monitors for SMEs

    TechnologyTV Displays & MonitorsLenovo introduces new ThinkVision monitors for SMEs

    Geared towards the bolstering productivity in the workplace, particularly for small and medium businesses, the newly-introduced models of ThinkVision line of monitors are crafted for content creators.

    The three new Lenovo displays — ThinkVision S22e, ThinkVision S24e, and ThinkVision M14 — give a huge boost to the workforce. The newest additions to the company’s line of enterprise displays comprise excellent visual quality for graphics-heavy projects, a larger workspace, seamless integration with other devices, and adequate eye safety needed for long work sessions.

    The 21.5-inch ThinkVision S22e and the 23.8-inch ThinkVision S24e have a full-HD display with 1920 x 1080 resolution, viewing angle up to 178-degrees, and near-edgeless panels for a bigger screen. The larger ThinkVision S24e has FreeSync technology that minimizes motion blur and prevents screen tearing. For seamless connectivity and comfortable view, both models have VGA and HDMI ports and a quick-release tilt stand and VESA mount.

    The sharper resolution and bigger displays of these ThinkVision monitors are useful for data collectors and graphic artists who require precise and razor-sharp quality in their profession. This also makes reading text much easier on the eyes, allows more windows to be opened simultaneously without decreasing text size and quality, and does wonders when viewing multimedia content.

    Meanwhile, the ThinkVision M14 has two USB Type-C ports on either side that allows a connected device to charge while simultaneously the monitor is on. This can be helpful during long meetings and presentations for laptops that may need more power but are unable to be charged. At just 1.3 pounds, the ThinkVision M14 is a perfect accessory for mobile professionals like consultants and sales representatives.

    Assuring the users of vibrant colors without compromising its performance, the three the three ThinkVision displays are all integrated with blue light technology to prevent eye strain while doing work at night or in low-light conditions.

    The ThinkVision S22e, ThinkVision S24e, and ThinkVision M14 are now available in all Lenovo authorized resellers nationwide. It is priced at PHP 5,800, PHP 7,100 and PHP 13,900, respectively.

    Visit Lenovo’s Facebook page and website for more details.

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