LG Lifestyle Screens present one-of-a-kind experience at Milan Design Week 2023

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    LG Electronics (LG) Lifestyle Screens are set to make a bold statement at a new exhibit at Salone del Mobile during this year’s Milan Design Week from April 17-22. ‘A Life Extraordinary’ is a multi-sensorial exhibition featuring the LG OLED Objet Collection. More than an artistic medium, the Lifestyle Screens are presented as works of art, highlighting the seamless and inspiring integration of technology and evocative design. Through high-profile initiatives, LG seeks to boost awareness of its Lifestyle Screens and ultimately expand the availability of this unique line.

    A leading lifestyle innovator, LG is continuously exploring new ways to enhance the consumer experience. To create something extraordinary for the upcoming event in Milan, LG teamed up with premium Dutch lifestyle brand, Moooi. The two companies have been working together to carefully curate a range of diverse vignettes, with the concept of each space elegantly communicated through LG’s Lifestyle Screens and Moooi’s creative interior objects and designs. Instantly iconic, LG’s Lifestyle Screens leverage the company’s superior OLED technology, which has been continuously evolving for the past decade to deliver superior picture quality and sleek, functional designs that enhance users’ lifestyles and viewing experiences.

    Visitors will have the privilege of seeing these exclusive artistic creations, LG OLED Objet Collection TVs infused with Moooi’s eclectic, playful aesthetic elements adorned with decorative prints. A part of the Lifestyle Screen portfolio, LG OLED Objet Collection TVs are beautiful to behold and deliver greater spatial and décor flexibility. Each model functions as a sophisticated interior object that elevates the look and atmosphere of one’s abode while also providing stunning cinematic experiences.

    LG OLED Objet Collection Posé blurs the line between premium screen and bespoke furniture piece. Offering flexible installation and the ability to fit flawlessly into practically any living space. Posé has an angular, minimalist design softened by the thoughtful use of fabric elements and subtly rounded lines. The TV’s aesthetically-pleasing appearance augments the surrounding décor, while its effective connection management system helps users enjoy a cleaner space by minimizing cable clutter.

    In addition to looking stylish from any angle, Posé provides stunning OLED evo picture quality with vibrant, distortion-free colors from practically any vantage point. And when it is not being used for watching movies or shows, Posé can be switched to Gallery mode; enabling users to display artwork or photos on LG’s self-lit digital canvas and transform their space into a refined art gallery.

    Another lifestyle-enhancing screen, LG OLED Objet Collection Easel likewise boasts superior OLED evo picture quality as well as an effortlessly elegant design that can lift one’s interior. Easel is ideal for those who want to bring a modern art salon vibe to their living room. Its distinctive design resembles an artist’s easel and allows for a stylish wall installation, creating a sophisticated ambiance and blending in seamlessly with any style of home décor or color palette.

    Along with TVs, LG will showcase other Moooi-adorned, art inspired creations such as LG XBOOM 360, a stylish portable speaker that provides a multisensory experience that combines an outstanding audio performance with a vase-like form factor with built-in mood lighting ideal for using indoors or out.

    “LG OLED reveals our ongoing commitment to elevating customers’ lifestyles and enriching user experiences through seamlessly blending technology and art,” said Kate Oh, vice president of the Brand Communication Division at the LG Home Entertainment Company. “Our renewed collaboration with Moooi is a great example of how we are continuing to build extraordinary experiences based on innovation and exquisite design.”

    “In a Moooi world envisioned by LG OLED, technology enhances aesthetics and drives creativity” said Marcel Wanders, co-founder and art director, Moooi. “Together, we are on a mission to show how tech consumer goods can become desirable interior design pieces that bring harmony to a space.”

    Visitors to the LG/Moooi exhibit can enjoy the creative pieces of LG’s Lifestyle Screen inspired by Moooi, during Milan Design Week on April 17, 2023 (by invitation only) and April 18-22, 2023 (open to the public) at the Salone dei Tessuti located at 29 Via S. Gregorio in Milan.

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