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Quick Look: DJI Goggles

The DJI Goggles promise unprecedented image quality by going beyond the typical “2K” screen and installing two five-inch screens with resolutions of 1080p, one for each eye, giving exceptional definition. Coupled with a Mavic Pro, an Inspire 2, or a Phantom 4 or 4 Pro, users can view their drone’s footage live at a smooth 60 fps and 720p resolution. The goggles can even support 1080p at 30 fps for short range viewing. The DJI Goggles have a relatively low latency of just 110 ms, and allows up to four devices to be connected to a single drone. The goggles have a gyroscope, and accelerometer and a proximity sensor which allows the user to control the drone’s camera or the gimbal. They also support the Intelligent Flight feature which allows the drone to just move in a straight line as the pilot controls the camera to capture specific parts of the periphery. As a bonus, the DJI Goggles support other devices such as consoles and computers to view content and play games.

Price: PHP 27,400