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Reviewed: REV’IT Vigor Mesh Jacket

Riding in the tropics midday in an unventilated cow suit is, put simply, suicidal. Then again, so is riding in a bare t-shirt. Fortunately for the two-wheelers among us, there’s a miraculous middle-ground that gives the safety of a riding jacket with the comfort of wearing a bare shirt, and we have an exemplary example of the same today: the Rev’it Vigor mesh jacket.

Design: 4.0/5.0

The Rev’it Vigor cuts quite a sharp profile when worn. It’s slim, and slightly cinched, making it fit more like a fashionable piece of clothing than safety gear. A zippered chest pocket right up front, a velcro inner pocket for more important items, and two zippered pockets outside give you enough space for the things you might not want to keep in your pants pockets as you ride, and a really cool black colorway with the slightest, most low-key accents make you feel more like the cool motorcyclist you want to be, and not a billboard for the brand. You’re not going to want to put a lot in the pockets though, as it would ruin the beautiful line Rev’it worked so hard to build. A snap-button stand collar up top completes the look, just above where the main zipper terminates. From afar, it really look like an awesome leather jacket, but it literally has more up its sleeves.

Hardware: 3.5/5.0

The zippers on the Vigor are of exceptional quality. It’s not chintzy or light, and interlocks with a firm popping feel. In my experience, these are the first thing to fail, and I’m thankful for solid ones on the Vigor. Plus points for that. The button snaps closed quietly but hold fast, and have the Rev’it logo embossed discreetly on them in the same black as the rest of the button. Classy is understated, and this does that superbly. This goes for the button fasteners at the adjustment straps at the biceps as well, though you’re not likely to have to snap those at the smallest position, since this jacket has a nice, snug fit.

Adjustment straps at the cuff and waist are fine velcro, and stick hard, so there’s little chance of it coming off on a ride, and you even get snap-on belt loops at the back to keep the jacket down when you tuck, and on you should you go down.

The shoulders and elbows have CE-level Knox Flexiform protection that are bendy enough not to notice with your normal range of motion. I often forget they’re there. They come out for replacement or cleaning via pockets on the inside. What Rev’it did leave out was a back protector, though there is space for a Seesoft CE-level 2 protector you can buy separately. I would have given this a solid 4 in this category had they included this in the bag.

The rest of the jacket is done in 600D polyester where abrasion protection is necessary, and 3D air mesh practically everywhere else. Unlike cheaper mesh jackets, the Vigor holds its form nicely, but without sacrificing too much airflow. When stopped, it does get a little toasty, but the slightest breeze or smallest movement really makes its way through the jacket, straight to your skin, cooling you off very nicely.

A nice little accent is the red Rev’it patch up by the top of the zipper, which serves to keep the zip from scraping your chest, and as a nice little flash of color when the jacket isn’t fully closed. You also get a few patches of reflectivity on the back, for additional safety.

Value: 4.5/5.0

The Rev’it Vigor comes in at about PHP 7,800, which is a great price for the jacket you get. It’s got armor where it counts, flows a ton of air, and looks amazing. It’s a shame you have to get a back protector separately, but hey, for that price, there’s not a lot to complain about.

What’s Hot:

– Gorgeous design
– Very breezy
– Did I already say it’s gorgeous? That bears repeating.

What’s Not:

– No included back protector
– Filling pockets ruin the lines of the jacket


It’s good-looking and gives great value for money. That’s a double win for me.

Also published in GADGETS MAGAZINE August 2017

Reviewed by Ren Alcantara