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Check out the top apps at the PinoyBBDev Hackathon 2012!

Philippine BlackBerry developer group PinoyBBDev hosted the PinoyBBDev Hackathon 2012 last August 4 and 5. Almost 100 developers gathered from around the country and spent 35 hours to develop apps for BlackBerry.

Here are the BlackBerry PlayBook and the BlackBerry 10 smartphone apps that were awarded at the end of the hackathon:


In Noel Anonas and JM Sabriaga’s Whack-A-Bunny app, you try to earn as many points as you can by tapping the bunnies that shoot up the holes. You can play it either in Unli-Whacking mode or Time-Based mode. The developer (Anonas) and graphics designer (Sabriaga) converted the Android app for it to seamlessly run on the BlackBerry platform. Whack-A-Bunny was voted as the best BlackBerry 10 app.


Wimping out on an actual balut-eating contest? Don’t worry; you can still succeed—virtually, that is. The Balut app is a fun, unique and unmistakably Filipino app developed by Asian Friends! Go!, a developer team from De La Salle University and De La Salle – College of St. Benlide. The object of the game is to eat as many baluts as you can within a given time. “[We] decided to create the most local idea that [one] could come up with,” shared Michael Donavan Go, a member of Asian Friends! Go!.


Here’s one app for the rockstar at heart. The OneMB app lets you feel like you’re in a band as you virtually play your favourite songs and rock out on your BlackBerry device. “[It] pushes HTML5 to its limits, combining eye candy animation and multiple sounds,” says Marc Reyman, one of the app developers. The developers are a group of Computer Studies instructors from the Gordon College of Olongapo City.


De La Salle University professor Ralph Regalado’s nifty app teaches users the Filipino language. “It’s [meant] to reach out to…Filipino citizens abroad and to let everyone know our language and culture,” he shares. Regalado created the app with the help of his classmate, Maru Antay, who provided the designs.


Crafted by Jopes Gallardo and Joseph Ross Lee, Slide Synced lets users perform real-time synching, sharing and collaborating on thoughts and ideas. The app lets you view and chat with other users, this app is for both web and BlackBerry smartphone use. Whether you’re an extremely busy student or a professional under tight deadlines, this app can be a big help.

Familiar technologies such as Adobe AIR, Android, Native SDK using C/C++/OpenGL, or Cascades (C++/Qt), and WebWorks using HTML5, CSS & Javascript were used by the app developers.

You can read more about the PinoyBBDev Hackathon 2012 HERE.