Coronavirus tracking website denies “resurrected” data

    Coronavirus tracking website, has denied any kind of information indicating that a certain individual indeed “resurrected” from COVID-19 in the Philippines.

    A number of posts circulating in social media combine news reports with the logo, along with the Philippine coronavirus data displaying a “1 Resurrected First World Record” at the lower rightmost portion.

    The satirical post comes after the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) found high profile inmates alive inside New Bilibid prison days after the Bureau of Corrections had initially pronounced them dead from the virus. has said that they do not report “resurrected” from the coronavirus disease. The tracking portal only reports the number of COVID-19 cases, recoveries, and deaths per country.

    “Just like any other diseases, no one resurrects from the coronavirus disease. Always observe precautionary measures to avoid the risk of being infected,” said Dr. Lau Cher Han, a data scientist and full stack developer who leads the project for is an open-source, community-based coronavirus tracking website portal keeping track of the latest news and developments about the coronavirus pandemic and gathers data for in-depth analysis (e.g. time series to monitor the growth, the spread of the virus), including localized news (e.g. news related to Malaysia, or Kuala Lumpur only). Contents are handpicked, filtered, and curated by 460 volunteers across the globe, ranging from data scientists, medical professionals, UI/UX designers, and full-stack developers ensuring these sources are reliable with minimal hoaxes and fake news. Natural language processing (NLP) helps analyze trending content and identify meaningful topics over various news sources and social media platforms prior to verification.

    The website portal is also featured in the Bulletin of the World Health Organization.

    To be updated about the coronavirus pandemic you can visit the website at

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