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Have you tried the Vine app yet?


Vine is a mobile app that let’s you create 6-second videos and share them on Twitter or Facebook. It’s basically like tweets but this time you have a 6-second window to share your thoughts via video.

This Twitter owned app has attracted many users since its debut in the Apple iTunes Store in January 2013. Just recently, Twitter has announced that Vine is now also available for Android users and can be downloaded in the Google Play Store.

The Android version of Vine lacks some of the features of the iOS version like the use of front cam, hashtags, and option to share on Facebook, but developers are currently working on updates to enhance the app further.

If you haven’t tried the Vine app yet, well you should go check it out. And if you’re not too keen yet on starting your role as mini-film maker, then you could check out this article on the 10 Best Users to Follow on Vine for some inspiration.