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Kaspersky Lab launches 2017 flagship security solution in PH

In photo: Marilen Young (left), Consumer Sales and Marketing Manager at iSecure Networks and Anthony Chua (right), Territory Channel Manager for the Philippines and Singapore at Kaspersky Lab Southeast Asia presenting the charged up Kaspersky Internet Security 2017.

Kaspersky Lab recently introduced its latest flagship security solution in the Philippines in an event, held at Ludo BoardGame Bar & Café in Makati, which tested the wits of members of the press.

A password should be as complex as a puzzle game for it to be impossible for cybercriminals to crack. However, not much thought is given to it. This in turn makes a lot of people vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Most people don’t realize the significance of installing a security software until they are victimized. Kaspersky Lab aims to spread awareness and protect you from the perils of the World Wide Web through its new flagship security solution.

The Kaspersky Internet Security 2017 provides protection for Windows, Mac, and Android users against malware, dangerous sites, online tracking, fraud, and money theft.

The 2017 security solution from Kaspersky Lab provides the same tested protection as its previous products but now comes with several new functions. In this version, users can protect their data from being intercepted even when on an unsafe internet connection with the help of Secure Connection. This feature encrypts all data sent and received through a network which comes in handy when making financial transactions, authorization on sites, or transferring confidential information.

Secure Connection can be launched from the main window of Kaspersky Internet Security. It can also be activated automatically when the device is connected to public Wi-Fi or when the user is inputting confidential information online.

Within the security product’s license, users are given 200 MB of encrypted traffic at their disposal, daily. Additional, they can opt for unlimited volume of traffic for a fee.

The new version also allows user to patch “holes” in their device through Software Updater and Software Cleaner.

Software Updater automatically finds applications that need to be updated and, if the user agrees, install the latest versions from vendor sites on their computer. The user can also request the update of an application manually or add any of them to the list of applications that should not be updated.

Meanwhile, Software Cleaner scans all applications installed on the computer and marks those that pose potential risk. It will also inform users if a program has been installed without them knowing, slows down the user’s device, provides incomplete/incorrect information about its functions, operates in the background, shows banners and messages without permission (e.g., advertising), or if it is rarely used. The user can then either remove or leave the application in question.

In addition to the new functions, Kaspersky Internet Security has also been enhanced with improved advanced technologies such as the multi-level protection of financial transactions (with Safe Money), the prevention of the installation of unwanted applications (with Application Manager, part of the former Change Control feature) and the blocking of advertising banners in the browser (with Anti-Banner).