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Must try photo editing apps for a post-Halloween selfie

If you missed out on the Halloween happenings this week, don’t fret, because you still have time to make fun of yourself. But please put back that costume in the closet and try these apps instead. Go ahead. Post a whole album of your edited selfies and enjoy your extended Halloween.

ZombieBooth 2 (Android/iOS)


This app is so fun, they made a sequel to it. Zombify a decent photo of yourself and customize it with different zombie parts, props, and filters. When you’re done, share it on Facebook and watch the 3D animated version. The animated zombie features convincing behavior and sound effects, you’re bound to creep yourself out.

Masks! – Ultra Awesome Photo Booth for Halloween (iOS)


The title says it all. Okay, maybe it’s a little bit hardsell but the app is entertaining nonetheless. It is free but offers only a limited array of masks to choose from. You can opt to buy and unlock the rest of the masks or make do with the 24 free ones. Included free is a Batman mask, an Iron Man mask, and oh, a Barrack Obama mask.

Old Booth Magic – Aging Face (iOS)

Upload your photo and transform yourself into the handsome 80 year old you’ll be in the distant future. Share your photo with that girl you’ve been dating and ask her if she’ll still love you in your 80’s. If she says yes, she’s a keeper.

Boothstache (Android/iOS)

For all the men who cannot grow a mustache, an app could be the closest thing you could get to that glorious patch of hair. There are a number of mustaches to choose from, like Dali or Chaplin. The mustache is also realistic and is close to the color of your hair.