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New app removes random strangers from photos

A Swedish photography company called Scalado has developed an app for mobile devices that effectively removes wandering bystanders from photos. When taking pictures in public places, we often have to worry about waiting until the coast is clear from other passers-by who might be caught in the background. This new app called “Remove”, initially takes a burst of shots in succession to determine which subjects are moving and which ones are stationary. Then immediately after the picture is taken, you can simply select what moving objects (or people for that matter) should be removed from the photo, and the rest of the background is automatically filled out for you.

However, if a particular person is staying still, then there’s really no way to remove him or her. Still, this app is quite useful in most situations to eliminate those dreaded “photo bombs” than can ruin what would have been a perfect picture. It’s also a fun tool for taking shots in crowded areas and then making it look as if the place was empty. Cars on the road are moving objects too, so it only makes sense that this app would also work in that regard. Still in its prototype stage, the app’s full version should be up for demonstration at the end of the month.

For more information about this app, or to see it in action for yourself, you can check out this site http://www.scalado.com/display/en/Remove and watch the video.