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Stay safe from the storm. Google gives you all the info you need.

As Ruby makes its way to the metro some time later today, we hope everyone has everything they need to wait it out. It’s a frightening prospect to have to deal with severe weather, but a little information goes a long way in keeping people safe. Google is helping all of us out with Public Alerts. In case you haven’t gotten a chance to see what it can do, open up the Google Search app on your mobile device, or head over HERE to get up-to-date information on the incoming weather. Google Now, and even a regular Google Search should also bring up the relevant page, so get the information out to as many people as possible; people need the extra info.

If more detailed data is necessary, Google also has the Crisis map up HERE, where you can see the projected storm path, as well as evacuation centers all over the country. Until it passes, stock up on supplies, stay indoors and keep the lines of communication open. There’s no need to panic when you’re prepared.