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Watch your faves anytime, anywhere with iflix

Internet TV is in; this basically implies you can catch up and watch your favorite international and Asian cable series’, TV shows, movies, and whatnot anytime–as long as you are connected to the internet–across your mobile devices and smart TV. What’s more important is that we now have this service at our disposal with iflix.

iflix, Southeast Asia’s newest internet TV service, is now available in the Philippines and brings with it unlimited access to thousands of hours of entertainment for its users at a monthly subscription price that won’t punch a hole in your wallet.

“iflix will radically change the local entertainment landscape,” said Sherwin dela Cruz, country manager for the Philippines. “We’re incredibly excited to share thousands of hours of premium content at an extremely affordable price for all Filipinos to enjoy. I can’t wait for everyone to press play.”

To enjoy this service, you can now sign up for a 14-day free trial allowing you full access to all of iflix’s features and content—without the hassles of having to submit credit card or payment details.

iFlix Playeriflix web browser player.

With iflix, you get:

  • Unlimited access to iflix’s library of over 10,000 hours of top quality Western, Asian and Local content;
  • Access to iflix on up to 5 devices of their choice: phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, connected TV or other connected device;
  • Share an iflix subscription and simultaneously watch different content on two different devices at the same time for each subscription;
  • Watch show without getting interrupted by ads.
  • Control content for kids.

iFlix TransferFrom your phone, you can conveniently transfer and continue what you’re watching on your other devices.

When your free trial expires, you can choose to subscribe for unlimited access to iflix’s vast content PHP 129 per month. Annual subscriptions, on the other hand, grants you unlimited access to the service. Those who opt for annual subscription will receive a 15-percent discount to their monthly rate which is priced at PHP 1300 per year.

Also, iflix has recently announced acquisition of landmark content deals with the likes of Warner Bros, BBC Worldwide, and Twentieth Century Fox, which means more content is on the way for its subscribers.