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What’s new on Evernote for iOS?


Evernote just rolled out a new update to their iOS app (5.4), and here we give you the skinny on the features that they’ve added and enhanced.



The Shortcuts feature is handy for surfacing important notes, notebooks and tags. All shortcuts can be accessed by tapping on the tab with the star.

Notes can be added to the Shortcuts tab by tapping the handy star icon found at the bottom of the note. To make a Shortcut to a notebook, you can open the notebook and when you tap the Shortcuts tab, there’s an option for you to add the notebook. The Evernote blog says adding Shortcut to a tag is done in the same way.

The Shortcuts you create will also show up in versions of Evernote for other platforms. This happens as soon as you sync.

Recent Notes and Related Notes

Recent Notes is a new feature that is available to both Free and Premium Evernote users, will see a display of their recently viewed at the bottom of the open note. Premium users, however, get to toggle between Recent and Related notes.


Related Notes is an exclusive function to Premium users where the app searches for and suggests previous notes that are related to the current note whether you’re still working on it or you simply opened it. The suggested notes appear at the bottom of the open note.


Skitch Integration

Integration of Skitch is also part of the upgrade, letting users annotate images within notes with a nifty Skitch icon. You must have the Skitch app installed on your device for this to work.

Premium users have the luxury of being able to annotate PDFs contained in notes by selecting the “Edit with Skitch” option on the note’s title bar. Tapping the Skitch icon on the bottom of a note that contains both text and images turns the note into a PDF and opens it in Skitch for you to mark up. You can save it back to Evernote when you’re done.

Announcements Section

Tapping the bugle icon on the app’s home screen will let you see a “curated selection” of articles from the Evernote blog. You’ll know that the feed is updated when you see a badge on the bugle icon.

Tempting? Get the latest version of Evernote for iOS HERE.

Source: Evernote Blog