WSJ confirms iPad 3 will have LTE, scheduled for March 7 unveil

    Another day, another iPad 3 rumor, and this time it comes from the Wall Street Journal. The paper has said that the iPad 3 will have LTE connectivity right off the bat, with two US carriers offering the device when it launches on March 7. The WSJ also said that the new iteration of the iPad will be able to fall back on slower network technology when LTE is not available, which theoretically means that people who import their iPads will be able to use it with our local GSM networks (provided that they manage to make a local SIM work with it, of course). While this is news that we’ve already gone through before, the fact that a large outfit like the WSJ is reporting it means that there’s a fair chance that this particular spec of the iPad 3 is quickly approaching the line of “rumor” to “reality”. We’ll see soon enough, we wager.

    Source: WSJ, MacRumors

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