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Z Series: The Ultimate 4K HDR Ultra HD TV

The best televisions out there bring the real world right into your living room. Among the top brands for television sets, there’s Sony, a brand that consistently produces superb televisions sets with a visual experience and color reproduction  so real, it feels like you’re looking out the window. Leading Sony’s current line-up of premium 4K HDR Ultra HD TVs is the new ZD9 series BRAVIA™ 4K HDR TV that brings deeper blacks and brighter whites to achieve lifelike colors.

Sony’s Z series takes a leap forward when in comes to display technology innovations. Coming in as a new feature is the brand’s new generation  4K High Dynamic Range (HDR)  that brings in ultra-contrast, and a  more realistic and accurate color reproduction. With the advancement also comes  the newly developed 4K image processor, the 4K HDR Processor X1™ Extreme, and  Sony’s exclusive backlight technology, the Backlight Master Drive™. Combined together, the television is able to achieve excellent contrast and extraordinary color expressions that ensure every experience had is an immersive one.

Beyond the viewing experience is  a design that exudes sophistication and convenience. Featuring a clean black slate design in the front, the back design maintains the elegance by concealing the wires. When it comes to the Z9D’s user interface, it features Android TV  integration with  Sony’s very own seamless design for smooth content navigation .

A Visual Experience Empowered by New Technologies

The main highlight of the  visual experience is the 4K HDR feature that is  achieved by the development of the 4K HDR Processor X1™. Three new technologies are incorporated with it — the  object-based HDR remaster, dual database processing, and Super Bit Mapping™ 4K HDR. The object based HRR remaster automatically applies color and contrast correction in every scene to produce detailed textures and realistic appearances.  The dual database processing, on the other hand, removes unwanted noise then applies a scaling technology to achieve a 4K resolution in every image.Lastly, there’s the Super Bit Mapping 4K HDR that provides powerful signal processing of color bands that create a smoother, natural picture.

With the integration of these unprecedented technologies, Sony is able to bring an immersive experience like no other.