Wellness: A Cool Way to Relax

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    Established in 2005, the BlueWater Day Spa offers some of the most innovative treatments, advanced therapy techniques and procedures that enhance one’s health and well-being through the wonders of massage therapy.

    The ambiance is very serene, just as how you’d expect a spa to look and feel. The color palette, soothing design elements and conceptual interiors have all been carefully constructed to ensure that you can already experience the tranquil vi be even as you enter the facility.

    Among the prime offerings of the BlueWater Day Spa are the exclusive massage treatments that were personally introduced to the personnel by world-renowned trainer and teacher Ranjeet Kour. Ms. Kour visited the Philippines and shared four treatments that highlight the importance Spa Theatre of massage therapy in maintaining good health and well-being for specific needs. The Colonic Massage benefits the colon by cleansing it along with the digestive system. Eman’s Massage, meanwhile, regulates the functions of the internal organs. Infant Massage is specifically designed for newborn babies, while Pregnancy Massage helps pregnant women cope with physical and chemical changes in the body.

    BlueWater Day Spa makes sure that their personnel undergo training in prestigious institutions in spa operations both locally and abroad so that they have ample knowledge on the latest, most effective treatments and techniques in spa therapy. With a pool of trained massage therapists and the latest spa technology, you can be assured of quality professional service at BlueWater Day Spa.

    What’s most interesting about BlueWater Day Spa is its spa theater. We know it sounds a bit odd, but it’s actually pretty cool. The area looks like your typical movie theater with a huge screen fronted by rows of reclining chairs. The purpose of this facility is to allow you to enjoy a spa treatment while watching a movie with your companions. We believe that BlueWater Day Spa has reached the pinnacle of coolness with this innovative offering, and we think you should drop by with your buddies and try it out for yourselves.

    BlueWater Day Spa now has six branches located at Ortigas, Makati, Eastwood, Capitol Hills, Tomas Morato and Cotabato City. For more information, head over to

    First published in Gadgets Magazine, May 2013

    Words by Racine Anne Castro

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