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Vivo Releases Heartwarming Christmas Video

Vivo Philippines has released a special holiday video that portrays the true Filipino Christmas spirit.

The video initially shows a grief-stricken mother caring for her children on a Christmas Eve. A group of carolers then sings them a heart-warming rendition of ‘Silent Night’ outside their home. Bringing with them gifts and food, the carolers are ushered into the home where it is revealed that the father of the home was a soldier who perished fighting for peace.

Vivo’s special Christmas video immediately amassed 781,000 views, 4,212 shares, and almost 41,000 likes six days after its release on Vivo Philippines’ official Facebook page. With its theme centered on family, Christmas, togetherness, and gratitude, the video hits close to home for many Filipinos. The comments section was filled with emotional sentiments and messages of gratitude for the soldiers who fought to re-establish peace in Marawi, showing the heart of Filipinos.

Vivo, by way of its special Christmas video, shares and celebrates Christmas with Filipinos.

You can watch Vivo’s special Christmas video here: https://www.facebook.com/VivoPhil/videos/525331654510639/?id=296173570575105&brand_redir=296173570575105