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Felta partners with Intel and Microsoft to launch ruggedized laptop-tablet hybrid for learners

One doesn’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand that education is key to economic growth. It is regarded as the very foundation of human civilization. That alone is enough reason to improve our educational system and seek for new knowledge future generations will benefit from. With technology at our disposal, we now have unlocked many opportunities to better education. However, along with this shift comes the challenge of coping with the changing educational needs of today’s young people. Felta Multi-Media teamed up with Microsoft Philippines and Intel Education to launch a more than capable 2-in-1 device as an answer to this, the Unite Value 2 in 1.

Mylene Abiva, Felta Multi-Media president and COO, said that Felta is keen on developing school technology solutions that encourages versatile and innovative learning. “As a company with 49 years of experience in the Philippines education market, Felta offers valuable insight on the changing needs of educational institutions and the technology that can help learning more effective while still engaging and remaining relevant to students.”

Inside the Unite Value 2 in 1 is an Intel Baytrail quad-core processor paired with 2GB of RAM, and 32GB of on-board storage that promises to deliver impressive performance. Drawing your kid’s attention is a 10-inch capacitive multi-touch display with a rich 1280×800 resolution that when undocked, stands alone as a tablet. It runs Windows 8.1 and ships with a chunky 5400mAh battery that will last its user at least a day away from the wall socket.


With the substantial amount of energy kids possess, it is an inevitable truth that things will break. Taking this into consideration, the Unite Value 2 in 1 sports a ruggedized, water resistant, and drop-resistant (up to 50cm) form factor which means it can  withstand rough handling. It also comes with a handle so it can be easily lugged around.

Microsoft Philippines’ Windows Business Group Lead, Mae Rivera-Moreno and her daughter Eina Moreno demonstrating the use of Endless Reader.

Also added to the loot are Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth 4.0, dual snappers, and features such as various security softwares to safeguard children from online threats, macro lens that kids can use to explore objects, and a thermal scanner that can help teach them about their own bodies. There are also apps readily available to further reinforce the learning experience, some of which are Endless Reader, Corinth Micro Engines, Haiku Learning, Mars Rover Curiosity, My Incredible Body, and more.

We’ll go ahead and tell you that Felta devices aren’t available for retail as putting it in the mainstream defeats its value proposition. The device, though, will be offered through partner schools and institutions. Prices start at PHP 9,995 for the baseline model to 20,995 for higher-end models.

To know more about this educational tool, you can contact Felta Multi-Media Inc. Naning Villanueva at felta@pldtdsl.net +632-912-1397 or visit www.felta.ph.

Microsoft also encourages educators to log on to https://www.educatornetwork.com/ and sign up (for free) to gain access to the company’s many comprehensive tools to support education.

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