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GADGETS Magazine’s Back-to-School issue is out!


New subjects, new books, and possibly new classmates—it’s time to buckle up for a whole heap of new things as another school year takes off. Not sure how you can manage? Let technology help you out. GADGETS Magazine’s Back-to-School Issue gives you a guide to the best and newest tech toys that can give you a leg up in school.

This month’s Cover Story gives you the 101 on the trusty devices that can help you breeze through the semester, whether you’re part of the nerd herd, the varsity team, the it-crowd, the quirky bunch, or the misfits.We’ve also got the coolest apps and cloud storage platforms that’ll help you become a more organized and productive geek or geekette.

Speaking of geeks, this month’s stories cater to interests of all sorts. This issue contains articles on teaching yourself how to play electric guitar (for the music geeks); Fotomasino, UST’s official photography org (for the photography geeks); firearms and knife customization (for the weaponry geeks); and test drive results of the Kia Sportage (for the car geeks). To top it all off, for all you history geeks, we’ve written up the origin of one of the handiest school gadgets of all time, the mighty calculator.

Reviewed in this issue’s GadgetsLab are the Sony SRS-BTV 5, Pioneer STEEZ Crew, Nokia Lumia 720, BlackBerry Z10, Dell Latitude 10, Neo LD7KW, Sony Xperia Z, Alcatel One Touch Ultra, Samsung NX300, Sony MDR-XB400, MSI Radeon HD 7790, and the Samsung Galaxy S 4.

Playing each one of the characters from the iconic coming-of-age film The Breakfast Club, our cover girl Bianca King shows us just how dynamic and all-around she really is. In our exclusive interview with her, Bianca tells us a bit about her life as a filmmaking major back in college.

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