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Our Camera Issue will show you how to capture your holiday celebrations!

It’s important to keep tabs on special moments, especially now that the holidays are just around the corner. This month, we’ll show you how to capture your memorable Yuletide celebrations in our Camera Issue.

Looking for a snazzy Christmas present for yourself or for your loved ones? Fret not. Our Wishlist section from last month makes a comeback with more gift options for the tech-savvy. Get a load of the Canon’s newest digital cameras in our Parade section, including the newly released EOS M. Leading the pack in our GadgetsLab is Nikon’s newest addition to its line of interchangeable lens cameras, the 1 J2.

We also have an interesting treat for those of you who can’t decide on what point-and-shoot brand and model to get for Christmas—the results of a long-term study and review of different camera models from Canon, Nikon, Polaroid, Samsung, Panasonic, Sony and GE!

Learn how to shoot for different occasions, such as concerts and family gatherings, in our Cover Story: Ready, Aim, Shoot! Canon Crusader of Light Dino Lara also gives us tips on what to remember in shooting extra-special events like weddings.

Other features include HTC’s newest Windows Phone 8 smartphones, the different Windows 8 machines, pop artist JP Cuison, www.ArtisteConnect.com, the AFAD gun show and our review of Assassin’s Creed 3.

Model-actress Sam Pinto, who, herself, is no stranger to the camera, graces our year-ender’s cover.

Our Camera Issue is now out! Grab your copy at your leading bookstores.