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Happy Birthday, Chrome (Sorry we’re late)!

Three days and four years ago, Google beta-released Chrome. It has since grown to become one of the most popular browsers in all of existence. It’s quite likely that you’re using Chrome at this very moment. One of the things that makes Chrome all sorts of awesome is the ability to add apps to personalize your browsing experience and make everything much more convenient.

Here are a few of our favorites.

1. Gmail Offline beta lets you keep all your emails available for offline viewing, in case you need to catch up on messages, search for details or check a quick message even without access to the ‘Net. After you fire it up, it synchronizes your emails and queued tasks whenever you have a connection. It borrows the design and functionality of the Gmail tablet interface that has proven both useful and easy, so you get a great Gmail experience even when you can’t be online.


2. Aviary Music Creator: Few things are as rewarding as creating music. This app lets you pick from a set of 50 free instruments, so you can drop a beat, create a great new track and make loads of money by selling it to record execs. Or make a ringtone. Whichever of the two you feel like that day.

3. Webcam Toy: Everyone loves a good photo, and Webcam Toy lets you do that all day. You can pick from 60 free, fun effects and go to town with your computer’s webcam. When you’re done taking the sht, you can save the photo or send them straight to your favorite social network.

4. Evernote: Have you ever had the sudden urge to take an idea down, but lacked a place in which to put it? Evernote has you covered. With Evernote, you can save every idea, thought and spark of genius that might have otherwise been lost forever. This app syncs across devices, you you will always have access to your idea bank wherever and whenever you might need it.