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Meet DM1: a dedicated drum machine app for your iPad

Perhaps the most practical musical purpose of the iPad would be to use it as a drum machine. As of now however, developers have yet to present the public with a professional-grade industry standard app.

All this might change by July of this year, with the soon to be released DM1 by Fingerlab.

The Parisian developer has claimed that they have been closely monitoring and testing other drum apps for the iPad and came to the conclusion that they could do it better. In their words, the DM1

takes the multi-touch beat making experience one step further by unifying in one hyperrealistic and beautiful powerful application the smartest tools for beat drumming with the best vintage drum kits.


The DM1’s  graphics were designed by award winner Jonas Eriksson, so we can rest assured that this app will have a sleek interface to complement its functionality. Some of its features include 24 vintage and produced drum kits, a dedicated mixer page with individual rotary controls and faders per channel, quantized recording, and intuitive song mode for editing. With 9 Big Drum Pads, and a note repeat function akin to that of the MPC’s, the DM1 is quite possibly the most promising dedicated drum machine app ever made so far.


Source: Fingerlab via Sonic State