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Globe set to enforce daily 1GB cap, goodbye torrents?

Uh oh. Seems like Globe is set to enforce a 1GB daily cap on internet usage for its subscribers. In a press release, seems like the telco has had it with users who take advantage of all that unmetered bandwidth, making life miserable for the rest of its clients. As a result, it’s adopting a fair use policy that effectively caps a user’s bandwidth to 1GB a day. “Globe implemented a policy that promotes a more responsible way of using the Internet that will ensure fair and optimum usage of its broadband services across all subscribers,” the statement said. This is in direct conflict with the revised draft of the NTC memo that scrapped the provision that allowed bandwidth caps. For it’s part, Globe has stated that the bandwidth cap is for the good of its other subscribers. “This also ensures consistency and reliability of connection for use of the greater majority of broadband subscribers,” according to Globe.