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ThumbMOB launches Vuclip locally – view online videos on any device, on any carrier

Filipinos love viewing videos online – a study by Synovate in August 2010 reported that more than half (53%) of Filipinos surveyed said they watched videos online, while one in three had uploaded photos or videos – the highest percentage in Asia. So it’s not hard to see why ThumbMOB, a developer of Social Games and Apps on Mobile Devices would want to bring Vuclip, the world’s largest independent mobile video service, to the Philippines. So what makes Vuclip different from YouTube and all the other video sharing sites already on the web? Well, Vuclip promises to deliver video to any phone, on the fly, no downloads required. The company says that as long as a phone can surf the net, the service will work on it.

“The Philippines is another excellent market for Vuclip. Already, without any promotion,there are over 350,000 Filipinos using Vuclip to watch videos on their mobile phones,”said Nickhil Jakatdar Co-Founder and CEO of Vuclip, adding “Vuclip is a catalyst for a new mobile video ecosystem that brings together carriers, content providers, advertisers and consumers, in fact anyone who wants to be a part of the burgeoning mobile video experience.”

“Vuclip’s service does particularly well in places where the mobile screen is often the onlyway to access the Internet. We are already the number one mobile video service inplaces like India, Indonesia and Malaysia, ” Jakatdar added.

Vuclip will be available on all three major carriers through special data plans, starting at just Php 10 for two hours of unlimited video access. Just type “m.Vuclip.com” on your phone browser; or click on the Vuclip button on select MyPhone phone models.

Watch the AVP below to know more.