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TrendLabs cautions Android users on malware

Trend Micro, a reputable anti-threat developer, warns Android users to be extra vigilant when operating their smartphones, especially when purchasing apps in the Marketplace.

Since the first recorded Android malware surfaced last year, cybercriminals have been developing and evolving more sophisticated manners of infiltration and infection. In fact, June of this year saw the release of a new malware called DroidDreamLight, a Trojan that attaches itself to genuine applications that have been modified by cybercriminals. These legitimate apps were downloaded from the Marketplace, “Trojanized” and then re-uploaded for unsuspecting users to download.

120,000 innocent users were victimized by DroidDreamLight, as their smartphone’s information was stolen, which included their International Mobile Subscriber (IMSI) number, International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number and much more.

Mark Balanza, TrendLabs’ Senior Threat Analyst, suggests that this illegally acquired data will be used for “social engineering schemes” to trick users into unwittingly downloading more malicious apps that are capable of stealing additional vital information.

So what can Android users do? According to Balanza:

– assign a pattern, PIN or password on your smartphone
– install a fingerprint lock
– stay vigilant when downloading from the Android Market
– do not grant apps any unnecessary access which seems unrelated to its function
– third-party app stores are advised to be blocked altogether
– disable Wi-Fi auto connect


Lastly, and most importantly, Android users must consider investing in a security app for their mobile device. Trend Micro’s Mobile Security is made specifically for Android, and can provide the necessary protection and security.

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