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Turn heads with a pair of Video Earrings


Smart glasses and watches are so passé! MJ McLaren surely knows how you can stand out and dazzle with a new breed of high-tech bling.

Video Earrings are, well, earrings that play videos. Clad in a carbon fiber frame, these stylish accessories made for the techies at heart sport 2.2-inch screens that can play popular video formats. They can play footage for four to eight hours and recharged via a USB cable, which you can also use to connect it to a PC to load your favorite videos. It also comes with volume and power buttons, plus built-in speakers.

Currently, the project is being crowdfunded at Indiegogo with a financial goal of $10,000. The Video Earrings will be offered for only $50 and come with attachments of various lengths, if released.

Do you have the spunk and the style to don these high-tech earrings? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Source: CNET