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Jawbone debuts UP MOVE and UP3 activity trackers


Jawbone has announced two new fitness trackers designed to keep you on top of your health without the hassles of DIY statistics, computing, and logging – the UP MOVE and UP3.

Jawbone UP MOVE

Jawbone Up Move

Being on top of your bustle just got easier as Jawbone has debuted the UP MOVE, their latest, easy-to-use activity tracker that makes fitness and health fun without you having to worry about logging everything you do.

It’s built from a tough, nylon-like anodized aluminum and comes in five color options – black burst, blue burst, grape rose, ruby rose, and slate rose – with each matched with either a clip or wrist strap so you can choose whether you want it fastened onto your clothes or wrapped snugly around your wrist.

Pressing the UP MOVE’s face once turns on its LED lights so you can see your goal progress; twice displays the time; and pressing three times shows how well you last slept. It’s powered by a replaceable battery rated for up to six months of juice, the same one you can find in digital watches ensuring you won’t have to scour countless stores just to bring it back to life.

The device’s built-in accelerometer with MotionX technology are used to track your steps and sleep pattern. Pairing it with the free UP app via your smartphone’s Bluetooth allows access to UP’s Smart Coach, its integrated intelligent guidance and insight system. The Coach analyzes your diet, sleep, and activities, and then helps you set personal goals for a healthier you.

If challenging yourself proves to be an easy endeavor, then up the ante and connect to the UP system and community. This allows you to interact with other UP users and set challenges among yourselves for some healthy competition, literally.

“UP MOVE is a fun, easy way to track activity and at just PHP 2,888.00, it’s a great option for anyone at the beginning of a fitness or weight loss journey,” said Travis Bogard, vice president of product management and strategy at Jawbone. “Incorporating the same best-in-class lifestyle and activity-tracking features of our UP and UP24 bands, UP MOVE combines style, versatility and comfort with highly accurate tracking and personalized guidance.”

Yes, the UP MOVE sells for only PHP 2,888. It will be available before the year ends.

Jawbone UP3

Jawbone Up3

Make fitness stress-free, fun, and intuitive with the Jawbone UP3 activity tracker, a slim, multi-sensor device using the latest biometric technologies to help yourself forge a healthier you.

It takes the form of a stylish band with a classic design so you can pair it with other wrist accessories. It boasts seven days of up time, up to 10-meters of water resistance, and an anodized aluminum build for utmost durability and wearability.

It has a multi-sensor platform with revamped tri-axis accelerometer, advanced bioimpedance sensors, and skin and ambient temperature sensors. These work together to accurately capture your resting heart rate, quality and completeness of sleep, and even going as far as identifying your particular workouts and activities, whether they be jogging, tennis, running, Zumba, swimming, and more.

Of course, data can only do so much. The UP3 makes the information useful courtesy of the free UP smartphone app. This utilizes their Smart Coach system that guides you and gives you a deeper understanding of what you’re doing to your body. It also creates challenges and fitness goals for you, just like a real trainer would.

“With UP3, our mission was to create the world’s most powerful tracker in the smallest possible design” said Travis Bogard, vice president of product management and strategy at Jawbone. “Our advanced, multi-sensor platform delivers a huge amount of new health data, backed by our smart algorithms and highly personalized Smart Coach system. And because UP3 is fully updateable, we’re able to unveil new features and experiences in the coming months.”

The UP3 will arrive during the first quarter of 2015 in either a black diamond or silver cross color, and will sell for PHP 10,288.