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Parade: CamelBak Spire 22

The Spire 22 is a female-specific outdoor pack that is light, comfortable, and great for all-day expeditions. Giving you stability during hikes or walking through city streets, the pack includes a lumbar hydration reservoir that transfers weight to the waist, near the hips to maximize comfort. The pack has suspended mesh back panels which keep your back cool and ventilated no matter how long or rugged your journey is. Made especially for women, the Spire is engineered with an S-curved harness keeping the pack snug, and close to your body, and a sternum strap that sits comfortably across your chest. Apart from these ergonomic features, the Spire also comes with CamelBak native features such as a Big Bite Valve, Hydroguard technology, and PureFlow tube for the reservoir, and ultra-light, tough materials. Need a pack for your next hiking trip? The Spire might be just the gear for you.

PHP 7,290