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Parade: D-Link DWR-730

Dlink DWR 730Sharing photos online and surfing the Internet is possible anytime, anywhere, with the D-Link DWR-730 mobile router. The portable DWR-730 is compact enough to fit the palm of your hand and can easily be slipped into a pocket, allowing portable internet connectivity for your devices wherever your responsibilities are. This 3G Wi-Fi modem allows broadband sharing, so you get to enjoy fast wireless Internet access even with your friends connected to the same network. This lightweight mobile router supports High Speed Packet Access plus (HSPA +) technology and offers secure Internet access with its built-in NAT, firewall function, and WPA2 encryption to keep leechers away. Packed with a 1500mAh Li-ion battery, the router can support hours of Internet surfing.

PHP 5,660


First published in Gadgets Magazine, September 2013