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Parade: OtterBox Resurgence

Bring your dead device back to life with a case that doubles as a powerbank. Yes, you read that right. The OtterBox Resurgence is a slim yet sturdy case that protects your phone from imminent drops and bumps while all at the same time powering your device. It has military-rated drop protection, which means it can provide superior protection from 4-feet high drops on all faces, edges, and corners of your device. The Resurgence features an easy to assemble two-piece snap design and is made of polycarbonate material with a metallic finish giving it a polished look. It has 2,000mAh of battery in reserve for those moments you find yourself a little low on juice, and features auto-stop technology and four frontfacing LED lights to signal you when the battery level turns critical. The OtterBox Resurgence also supports both wired and wireless syncing without removing the case and comes available in colors black, glacier, teal shimmer, and satin rose.

PHP 4,300