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BPI card holders can now shop safely with Trend Micro Mobile Security


Statistics show that 53% of Filipinos make online purchases, and this percentage is exposed to threats like phishing, where evildoers can steal account names and PINs and then use them to extract money. BPI, in partnership with Trend Micro, took proactive measures to protect users against such threats.

BPI card holders can enjoy 6 months of safe mobile shopping using Trend Micro Mobile Security for Android—a simple app that protects mobile phones and tablets against mobile and online threats, for a limited time. It also protects shopping transactions done via mobile phone.

Mobile Security has all bases covered:

  • It guards against malicious apps that steal personal information and makes users vulnerable to identity theft.
  • It protects against malware and banking fraud by blocking dangerous websites.
  • It helps users find, lock, and wipe out the data on their device if ever it goes missing.
  • It strengthens Facebook privacy by scanning for privacy settings that expose user information.
  • It lets users backup up to 50MB of personal data.
  • It also protects kids from accessing inappropriate websites through filtering.

BPI card holders will also enjoy up to 50% off on other Trend Micro product purchases.

For more information on the free trial and discounts, visit: http://www.bpicards.com/BpiBuys/Items/109