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Epson announces trade-in promo for dot matrix printers


Instead of letting your old printer gather dust in the attic, go ahead and trade it in to get a discount on Epson’s dot matrix printer models.

Until January 31, 2014, customers can surrender any working or non-working dot matrix, inkjet or laser printer of any brand to get a 20% discount on Epson’s LX-310, LQ-310 and FX-2175.

The 9-pin LX-310 and the 24-pin LQ-310 feature a 128KB input data buffer memory, which enables them to achieve high printing speeds of 357 and 416 characters per second, respectively, at 12 CPI (characters per inch). Both models are rated for a mean time before failure (MTBF) of 10,000 POH (power on hours) compared to their predecessors, which are rated at 6,000 POH.

The FX-2175, meanwhile, prints at 476 characters per second at 10 CPI and has an MTBF rating of 12,000 POH. It is ideal for printing monthly reports, transaction reports, accounting statements, spreadsheets, multiple-copy documents, and other files that need to be completed in volumes at a high speed.