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Is this the new iPhone 5?

Apple usually announces new iPhones around the months of June-July, and since we’re getting closer and closer to the eventual iPhone 5 announcement, you all know what that means – it’s iPhone 5 rumor time! According to former Engadget Editor Joshua Topolsky who has close ties within the industry, the new iPhone 5 will be “radically redesigned” and will have more of a tapering, teardrop shape going down. This directly contradicts reports from news agency Reuters that the iPhone 5 will look similar to the iPhone 4, with the former receiving a spec bump and not much else. Other redesigned elements include the button, which Topolsky notes will do double duty as a gesture area, and the  that the screen on the device will occupy the entire  front of the phone, with almost no bezel. The screen size will go up slightly to 3.7-inches while retaining the same resolution.

Will his predictions come true? There’s only one sure way to find out, and that’s when Apple officially announces the iPhone 5 in June/July/Sometime this year.

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