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This is the iPhone 5 booting with the iPhone 4S

Apple has sent out invites for their official iPhone 5 unveil on the 12th, which means there’s already plenty of devices out in the wild heading towards retailers and partners. One such device was apparently accidentally discovered at Foxconn’s factory in Jincheng, which probably means it was five-finger discounted by a enterprising worker. Anyway, said worker took a side-by-side video of the iPhone 5 along with iPhone 4S showing the entire boot process of the iPhone 5, stopping at the “cannot complete activation” message of iOS6. From what we see, the iPhone 5 looks like a slightly elongated iPhone 4S with a bigger screen, and aside from the minor changes (repositioned headphone jack, smaller dock connector) is similar to the iPhone 4S. Of course, this could all be an elaborate fake, and until Apple shows the official device on the 12th, all leaks are suspect.

Source: Vgooo via MIC Gadget