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Hands-on with Intel Atom powered smartphones – XOLO X900, Orange San Diego and Lenovo K800

It’s been roughly a year when Intel demoed mobile devices running on their Atom processor, and we thought it would be a good idea to see how the PC chip maker was coming along in regards to making Android-friendly chips for mobile applications. And wouldn’t you know it, we managed to see three Intel Atom powered smartphones running Android in their booth at COMPUTEX earlier yesterday, so we decided a bit of a hands-on was in order. The three Atom powered smarthphones in question was the XOLO X900 that’s now heading to Indian subscribers, the Orange San Diego for UK customers and the Lenovo K800 (pictured above) that’s destined for the China market.


Overall the look and feel of the three devices were quite reminiscent of the early days of Android – the devices themselves weren’t flashy and have simple yet functional designs. Both the XOLO X900 and the Orange San Diego had similar sized displays (4.03-inches) and very similar designs, with minimal differences.

Orange San Diego

We gather that from a distance, you probably couldn’t tell them apart. The Lenovo K800 is different – not only does it have a bigger, 4.5-inch IPS display, it sports a body that’s more angular than the rectangular designs of the XOLO X900 and the Orange San Diego.

No matter how similar or different the three phones are, they all run Intel’s  1.6 GHz Z2460 Atom processor and tweaked versions of Google’s Android OS (2.3). All three are also capable of high-speed mobile internet via HSPA+, and have 8-megapixel cameras that’s capable of burst shooting. All three is also capable of beaming video and other content to compatible HD TVs via Intel’s wireless display technology.

Overall all three devices were quick and snappy, and generally responded well to our touch. All three devices had Android, and it was nice to see that the Intel Atom processor inside them was able to handle general smartphone duties well. Of course, we didn’t have a lot of time with the three devices, so it’s not possible to make an assessment of how these units will fare in the long run. It’s interesting to see how far Intel’s gone into making its plans to break into the mobile processor market, a market that’s already crowded with different companies that are quickly establishing deep relationships with manufacturers – brands like Samsung, NVIDIA, Qualcomm and Texas Instruments.

As for the prices of the devices? Well, it varies. Orange is offering the San Diego in their Pay As You Go plan for £199.99, which is roughly equivalent to Php 13,375. The XOLO X900 is being offered in some Indian stores for INR 21,999, equivalent to Php 17,199. The Lenovo K800 is being offered by Chinese carrier Unicom for about RMB 3,299 which is equivalent to Php 22,452.