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NEO releases Cedar Trail powered Vivid netbook

There’s still a huge market for netbooks here in the Philippines and no matter what journalists say, netbooks will still sell, as long as the specs and the price is right. Case in point: NEO’s newly released Vivid line of netbooks, powered by the latest Atom Processor (aka Cedar Trail). The Vivid sports all the necessary ports and connections you look for in a notebook which include features 3 USB Ports, Integrated webcam, Bluetooth 3.0 + HS(High Speed) and an HDMI. The Vivid is powered by a  Intel Atom Processor N2600 and an six-cell Smart Lithium-Ion battery which the manufacturer says gives the VIVID an 8-hour battery endurance. It’ll be available in four different colors (Jet Black, Charm Pink, Cobalt Blue and Crimson Red) and will retail for Php 15, 990.

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