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New study suggests Pirates want to buy legal, but convenience, choice and availability comes first

I’ve always maintained a pretty liberal stance on piracy, and have publicly said that pirates only download illegal content over the web because of the lack of choice and availability of content online. A new study by YouGov seems to back that statement up. YouGov conducted a poll of 2000 Danish citizens to see what their illegal downloading habits were. It seems like a majority of illegal downloaders are Men and young consumers were the most prolific consumers of illicit content with around 30% of 15-29 year-olds engaging in the activity compared to just 4% of 50-74 year-olds. Unsurprisingly, the survey also found that a majority of downloaders would prefer that they get their content by legal means.

“Our study shows that Danish pirates would actually prefer to stay within the law,” says Ida Alexandra Mykland, Senior Consultant at YouGov. “But the group indicates that the need for convenience and a high degree of accessibility is simply so great that they choose to access illegal material instead.”

And just to underline the obvious, the study also showed that a majority of the pirates would willingly pay up to access the content that they downloaded if only the price was right.  72% said that movie and TV show downloading could be reduced by lowering the prices of official content, with 47% stating that offering the latest material could also reduce piracy.

“It is paradoxical that the pirates on one hand do not indicate the price as the main reason why they violate the law, while they also say that lowering the price would be the best way to reduce piracy,” says Mykland. “This may be because consumers generally expect lower prices to download or stream movies online.”

While Denmark is a completely different country from ours (they are a first world country, while we are obviously a third world country) I feel that the sentiment is the same for a majority of Filipinos. I would gladly fork over 500 pesos a month to stream my favorite shows to my PC if it meant I could get it anytime, anywhere in the device of my choosing. An anti-piracy strategy that actually addresses the problem of piracy is way better than proposing an idiotic law that does nothing but make people think of sneakier ways to download and break the law. Right?

Source: Torrent Freak