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Nintendo announces 3DS XL

Nintendo introduced the newest model in its hand-held line up, the 3DS XL, which features a larger 4.88-inch 3D display and improved battery life compared to the regular 3DS. Aside from those enhancements, there isn’t much else separating the XL from its predecessor.

The last time Nintendo released a larger variant of a portable console was when they released the DSi XL that featured extra large screens and was targeted for the elderly and those who have trouble focusing on small displays. With the 3DS XL, its primary selling point is still the stereoscopic 3D display. According to Nintendo, the 3DS XL will sell without a basic AC adapter but will still come with a 4GB SD card.

The 3DS XL is priced at US $200 (about Php 8,400) and will come out within the next few months.