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Sony releases VAIO T series of notebooks

Another product that was released during Sony’s event today was their VAIO T series of notebooks. We’ve talked about these products before (back when they were just announced and we kept calling them ultrabooks) but it seeing them in person is always nice. The VAIO T is pretty thin and light, and definitely fits Intel’s description of what ultrabooks are. This particular notebook carries Intel’s Core i5 processors (Ivy Bridge, naturally), as well as Intel’s Smart Response Technology (HDD + SSD). There will be two versions – one smaller, 11-inch model, and another larger 13-inch model. The 13-inch model’s overall thickness is just 18mm, so as far as specifications, weight and thickness is concerned, the VAIO T series are ultrabooks. The overall finish and build quality of the T series of notebooks is pretty good, and the notebooks are crammed with Sony technologies, which include Rapid Wake + ECO, xLOUD and Clear Phase audio technologies and motion gesture recognition for hands free operation of the notebook. Sony has set the price for the T11 at Php 47,999, while the bigger 13-inch version will retail for Php 49,999.

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