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Surveillance-dedicated HDD launched by Seagate


Seagate has announced that their latest hard disk drive (HDD) dedicated for security camera feeds, the Seagate Surveillance HDD, is now available in the market. Featuring Seagate Rescue services, this latest HDD is engineered for data recovery in case information is lost through malice or accidental system failure.


“Over 413 petabytes of data are produced in just one day by video surveillance cameras installed worldwide in 2013 — that’s 150,000 petabytes of data every year, most of which are stored on high-capacity surveillance systems for archive or video analytics purposes,” said Scott Horn, Seagate vice president of marketing. “That data is invaluable to the user to either meet industry regulations or leverage for content analysis or security— so when data loss occurs it’s an expense to the customer. Seagate’s Surveillance HDD with Rescue services addresses this issue head on and alleviates these concerns.”

Seagate Rescue services boasts a 90 percent data recovery success rate, with typical amount of time for restoration lasting within two weeks. Activated at the moment of purchase, it provides a three year subscription to data recovery.

Seagate HDD

“Over 50 percent of users who had an accident with their drive have experienced data loss,” said Balaji Thangaraj, vice president for research at Boston Analytics. “The Seagate Surveillance HDD with Seagate Rescue services provides consumers and system integrators alike with the critical reliability they expect in an easy, affordable solution, enabling them to gain peace of mind that their content is protected.”

“Seagate’s expansion not only into a new capacity but into a new business with their Rescue services is an exciting endeavor for both Seagate and Dahua,” said Lu Yacong, CTO of sales center, Dahua Technology. “Systems reliability has always been a primary focus for us both, but Rescue services goes a step beyond allowing our customers the unique opportunity to protect their data from the unpredictable.”

The Seagate Surveillance has a storage capacity of up to 6TB, enough for 600 hours of high-definition of video monitoring. Rotational vibration sensors also allow it to be housed with 15 other drives while maintaining optimal performance. It also supports up to 32 camera inputs, facing no problem with regards to the high write workloads of simultaneous channels. Finally, multi-drive and RAID systems coupled with the above features ensure your data retains integrity no matter what problems it may face.

For maximum business savings, the HDD has 1-million hours of mean time between failure, low power consumption, and low heat emissions.

The Seagate Surveillance is available in 1 to 4TB capacities. 5 to 6TB options will be available by 2014’s end. For more information, you can head to http://www.seagate.com/www/surveillancehddrescue/.