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WD introduces Ae line for long-term data storage


WD recently announced their Ae line of hard drives, the company’s storage solution for the demanding requirements of modern datacenters. It uses the latest technologies for very efficient power consumption and a Progressive Capacity model improving upon large-scale cloud infrastructures.

“Modern datacenter customers came to us with a need for an HDD solution designed specifically for ever-expanding cold-data repositories,” said Matt Rutledge, senior vice president and general manager, storage technology, WD. “Now in our third generation with over 700 petabytes deployed, WD is bringing the WD Ae drive to the broader market, representing another vital component of WD’s capacity storage portfolio, which delivers features and product attributes optimized for the rapidly evolving storage market.”

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The Ae drives are specifically designed for long-term data preservation, retention, and extraction. According to John Rydning, IDC’s vice president for hard disk drive research, “Cloud service providers have rapidly growing volumes of generally inactive data to store and manage, while at the same providing customers with access to the data at almost any time. WD’s new WD Ae line of HDDs is aimed directly at these storage use cases, and is helping to define a new, active archive enterprise storage sub-segment, thus opening new HDD storage opportunities for the HDD industry.”

This latest offering from WD sports dense five-platter platforms improving performance, power, capacity, and operating costs. Capacities greater than 6TB; 6 GB/s SATA interface; up to 60TB/yr workload rating; and 500Khrs Mean Time Before Failure features are standard in the series.

WD’s Ae HDDs will be sold in bulk quantities of 20 per purchase and is available in select dealers and distributors nationwide courtesy of Ubertech Technologies Inc and Iontech Technologies Inc, and are protected by a three-year limited warranty. For more details, check the product out at http://www.wdc.com/en/products/products.aspx?id=1340.