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Wearables made affordable by Sun Cellular


With Christmas fast approaching, there’s no doubt that tech manufacturers and companies will be pulling out all the stops to bring you the most powerful and innovative gadgets they can muster. While smartphones have been the norm the past couple of years, one piece of tech has been steadily gaining popularity: the wearables.

As with any newly introduced gizmo, wearables are currently priced steeply with some costing as much as the smartphones they should be accompanying. To make these more accessible, Sun Cellular has cooked up three postpaid promos consisting of unlimited Sun calls and texts, texts to other networks, mobile surfing minutes, unlimited Spinnr music streaming, and of course, a wearable plus a bonus smartphone.

For PHP 499 per month, interested parties can get either an Alcatel Boomband paired with an Alcatel Pop D5 smartphone or a Polaroid Pogo smart watch bundled with a Polaroid Prof 700.


The Alcatel Boomband is specially made for fitness junkies as it tracks your physical activities, including sports data and sleep patterns, and then feeds the data to your smartphone using Bluetooth. An anti-loss feature also alerts you when you get too far from your phone so you don’t have to worry about misplacing it.


The Polaroid Pogo functions as an extension of your smartphone. Through it, you can access files, receive calls and texts, and play your music through Bluetooth. You’ll get all these features in a water-resistant metal case fashioned with a rubber wristband.


Meanwhile, a PHP 699 monthly fee entitles subscribers to a Nokia Treasure Tag packaged with a Nokia Lumia 630. The Treasure Tag is a charm attached to anything you fear losing, whether it be your pet, belongings, or even your love (just kidding!). Your Windows Phone receives a notification when there’s enough distance between it and the Tag. In case the item is lost, data is automatically created indicating when and where the Bluetooth pairing was lost so you can track it through visual or audio cues, or on a map.

To find out more about these packages, you can go to your nearest Sun shop or visit www.suncellular.com.ph/postpaid.