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Cisco Connect Cloud Concerns Clarified

Cisco recently launched a new cloud-based service that takes user control to a new level with Cisco Connect Cloud. Unfortunately, the terms of service (TOS) used what was perceived as shady language, and many users were lead to think that the company was using the software and the routers to monitor their internet usage. What’s more, the TOS went as far as to say that users’ connections to the Internet could be shut down if they didn’t comply with what Cisco viewed as “proper use.” One can then imagine the uproar when, after a recent firmware update, users found themselves forced to sign up to the cloud service to control the routers they had paid for with their own money. Cisco has since revised their TOS and issued a statement apologizing for the confusion and allowing users to roll back to the previous, non-cloud admin page for their Linksys routers. Still, this has left something of a bad taste in the mouths of hurt users. It’s actually a shame, since the cloud connect administration service is pretty convenient, particularly for less-hardcore users. If you are consumer affected by the recent Cisco cloud storm, head over to their PAGE to read up on the matter, and find out how you can undo the firmware update.