2018 Tanabata Festival Turn Wishes Into Reality With Subaru

    Motor Image Pilipinas, Inc., the exclusive distributor of Subaru vehicles in the Philippines, turns wishes into reality with the 2018 Tanabata Festival.

    Tanabata, the Star Festival, is rooted from a legend between star-crossed lovers who are only able to meet once a year. Traditionally all over Japan, this reunion is commemorated by merry making and writing wishes on tanzakus to be hung unto bamboo trees in the hopes of them being granted.

    This well-loved festival is celebrated in many ways and for Subaru Philippines, it is that one time in the year to finally own that Subaru you’ve been longing for.

    Turn that wish into a reality by availing their special offers:

    Subaru Forester 

    -Now available for a low downpayment of PHP 78,000

    -Customers may enjoy up to PHP 200,000 worth of discount for cash payment or PHP 130,000 worth of services and accessories for free

    Subaru XB

    – Low DP PHP 138,000

    -Save up to PHP 100,000 for cash payment or  PHP 130,000 worth of services and accessories for free

    Subaru Outback 3.6RS

    – Save up to Php 209,000 for cash payment


    Sidenote: All prices for downpayment are based from 20% of the total price.

    Come celebrate at any Subaru showroom nationwide from July 1 to 8, 2018. Customers will be treated with snacks and refreshments. See you there!

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