8 Perks for Wiser Spending

    The holiday season has come; meaning the hard work you’ve put in this year is about to be rewarded, big time.

    It’s only natural to want to compensate yourself for all the tears, late nights, and early mornings you’ve put in at the office. We can all agree that there’s no fun in clocking in additional work hours, even if it enables you and your officemates to roll in overtime pay.

    So you sharpen your pencils and ready your notepad for the annual round of gift-listing and budgeting, with your name at the top of the list, of course. Now, it’s only logical not to let go of a significant amount from your bank account all at once as there are priorities you know best to put first. A credit card on hand, however, allows you to stretch your paycheck further to easily cover expenses—making a huge difference on your cashflow.

    If you wait too long to use your credit card, though, you might miss out on the awesome deals and promos that retailers offer in time for the holiday rush. BPI Credit Cards has partnered with several merchants and brands to offer exclusive deals for its cardholders—a perfect opportunity to cover people on your Christmas gift list! Here are 8 other things you get when you use your BPI Credit Card.

    1. Flexible payment schemes

    Have you ever had to choose between needs and wants? Ultimately, being the responsible adult that you are, you likely chose buying groceries over replacing your aging mobile phone.

    With your credit card, however, you can put your responsibilities first while still getting the item you want. Your shopping bill can wait (for a little while)! Flexible payment terms and offers allow you to buy whatever item you’ve been wanting with BPI’s “Merry Now, Pay Up To 3 Months Later” promo. This will allow you to save up appropriately, and pay without stress.

    2. Safety and convenience

    Christmas bonuses are like cheese luring out mice, with ne’er-do-wells out to make a quick buck by running off with your cash. This makes carrying actual money something of a safety concern. With your BPI Credit Card, hiding your cash to keep it safe will no longer be an issue. Plus, you avoid having to wait in line at the ATM for a long time.

    3. Stress-free shopping

    If you’ve lived in the Philippines long enough, you know what to anticipate in the Christmas rush. Long lines, heavy traffic, and packed establishments are just some of the challenges you will have to face then. But if you’re a credit card holder, while everyone’s out, you can put your feet up on the coffee table and sip your favorite tea while you go for a rewarding shopping experience straight from your mobile device or your laptop. With just a few taps or clicks, you can complete your shopping and then just wait for your items to be delivered.

    And if you are planning to go abroad anytime soon, having a credit card on hand rids you of the constant hunt for currency exchanges, giving way to hassle-free pasalubong shopping for your friends and loved ones. Additionally, you can enjoy a low foreign conversion rate of 1.75% with a BPI Credit Card.

    4. Tickets to your dream destinations

    The market is rich with seat sales during the holiday season. If you’re not ready, you might lose the chance to fly to your dream destination for less. If you still need to borrow your parents’ or friends’ credit card to book a flight, it’s more than reason enough to get your own card.

    5. Lots of exclusive perks to enjoy

    Many people don’t realize the benefits of having a credit card. There are rebates on purchases, as well as discounts on various brands and exciting freebies available for BPI Credit Card users. For example, with a minimum purchase, you can get a free meal at your favorite fast food joint or a sweet treat from your neighborhood donut place. You can even avail of offers that give you long-term installment terms at Real 0% interest! Imagine the convenience of spreading the cost of a purchase over a year, with no additional fees.

    6. Eat-all-you-can feasts

    Having a palate for all sorts of cuisine requires deep pockets. To satisfy your sophisticated taste, you’re going to want to experience every dining option you can find. With your BPI Credit Card on hand, you can discover a variety of cuisines with friends and family, and even cut down your bill with many dining discounts and promos offered.

    7. Gadgets from partner brands

    Gadgets are great investments. If you pick the right one, you’ll not only benefit from its functions but in a year or two, you can sell it and upgrade to a new one. The problem is whether or not you have the money to put into a new device. With partner brands offering gadgets purchased by credit card through installment, you’ll get your hands on the latest devices without a problem, and with extras to boot!

    8. A new you

    Ring in the new year with a fresh, new you. Refresh your wardrobe and home stuff with your trusty credit card. Make sure to check out BPI Cards’ Season of Surprises—a weekly unveiling of special offers until December. Look out for special discounts, freebies, special bundles, and other offers which you can gift to someone special, enjoy for yourself, or share!

    These magical 8 things are possible with just one card, and that’s the BPI Credit Card. To begin shopping now and for deals and surprises, visit for featured deals.

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