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    As soon as the ‘ber months begin, Filipinos, out of impulse, prepare for the Yuletide season. This period for the average Filipino translates to festivities and various gatherings of friends and families. Hosting these lavish Christmas parties and dinners foster the sense of holiday giving. Along with the festivities comes the inevitable damage brought by overuse, which likely can, if not, take a toll on our home appliances.

    Overdrive is not a term LG can handle. Boasting cutting-edge home appliances, LG Electronics has tailored offerings built to help you breeze through all your domestic chores for the coming holidays.

    LG Refrigerators

    LG DID ref

    Keeping large-quantity food items fresh and Christmas leftovers unspoiled, LG’s Door-in-Door refrigerator is the perfect storage solution for the family’s home-cooked meals for Noche Buena. LG’s space-efficient Door-in-Door refrigerator has a standard capacity of 26 cubic feet sporting shelves that can store large platters and plastic containers easily.

    LG DID ref (2)

    With the innovative Door-in-Door feature, quick and easy access food and drinks are possible. Maintaining the freshness of stored food items, LG’s Door-in-Door refrigerators are equipped with a ginseng-coated Hygiene Fresh four-step filtration system that is touted to eliminate 99.99 percent of airborne bacteria and odor.

    LG’s biggest load-capacity washer

    LG front-load washer

    A frequent aftermath following family gatherings is a pile of laundry; LG Electronics offers the perfect solution with their front- and top-load washing machines. LG’s biggest load capacity of 13kg/7kg Front-Load Washer-Dryer and 16kg Top-Load Washer can accommodate the family’s various types of laundry.

    The laundry machine also features LG’s core Inverter Direct Drive technology, which increases motor efficiency and makes it less prone to breakdowns. It has a simplified mechanism, which reduces noise levels and boosts energy- and cost-efficiency.

    All LG Door-in-Door refrigerators and Inverter Direct Drive washing machines come with a 10-year motor warranty.

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