Caltex launches three new Engine oils

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    Chevron Philippines just re-launched the Havoline brand with a refresh of the product labels, and an exciting roadtrip campaign to back up the three new engine lubricants. The products, Havoline ProDS Fully Synthetic ECO 5 SAE 5W-3o; Havoline Synthetic Blend SAE 5W-30; and Havoline Super 4T Synthetic Bland SAE 10w-40 are now available at Caltex stations and auto supply stores all over the country.

    The three lubricants allow consumers to do four important things: protect their automotive investment, increase fuel economy, ensure engine performance, and protect the environment. Advanced additives in Caltex Havoline with Deposit Shield Technology work together to keep the engine running cool and smooth. They work immediately on contact with moving parts, helping keep them free from deposits, metal-to-metal contact, corrosive agents, and heat.

    To help promote the new products, Chevron Philippines will be holding a roadtrip to help promote the advantages of the oils. The brand will be travelling to four destinations over the course of the summer, including the Summer Siren music fest in Zambales from April 17-19, The Boracay SkyAthon on April 25, Baler, for the Nalu Music Festival on from May 1-2, and Sky Ranch, in Tagaytay for Mother’s Day on May 10.

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