ChatSim: the Only Sim You’ll Need When Travelling

    Roaming charges can be a shock once your bill arrives. If you’re planning to go out of the country, or have a spare sim tray, using ChatSim might just be the solution for all your chatting needs. For just PHP 760 a year, Chatsim provides you with access to all your favorite messaging platforms.

    Ordering and Activating Chatsim

    Chatsim isn’t locally available in Philippine stores just yet, but they’re offering if for shipping in their official website. Upon purchasing your Chatsim and receiving it in your mailbox, you’ll have to activate it in order to access the unique sim’s features. Activating the sim can be done with just a few clicks; simply enter the 19 or 20-digit identifier number found on the sim card, then enter the number assigned to you sim. Clicking continue will end the activation step.

    Once you’ve activated the sim, you’ve now got the  green signal to insert it in your phone. Whether your smartphone supports micro, nano, or the standard size, ChatSim will be able to fit it in. The card shipped to you will be pre-cut to those sizes, and it’s just a matter of detaching the right portion of the card.

    Chatsim Features

    ChatSim works wherever and whenever. It works by connecting you the best available operator automatically. If you’re a frequent traveller and hate paying for those expensive roaming charges just for you to stay connected, then this is perfect for you. Current chat applications supported are the following: Whatsapp, Messenger, Telegram, WeChat,  Line, BBM, QQI, Hike and Kakao Talk. It’s important to note that out of the box, you’ll be able to message using these platforms for as long as you activated the sim and paid the yearly activation fee of PHP 760. If you’re looking to avail of more features, read on.

    If you want to go beyond just messaging, then another PHP 760 will give you the added capability of calling, and  the additional feature of sending and receiving photos and videos. These however can expire and is consumable. If you’re looking to recharge your optional multimedia credits, then you’ll have to avail of additional packages that range from PHP 760 to PHP 3800.

    The selling features of ChatSim is that it works just about everywhere and it lets you use  any smart device (tablets included) running any operating system, be it  iOS, Android, Windows.

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