Ford EcoSport: An Ideal SUV for Women

    The International Women’s Day is celebrated on the 8th of March annually. On this day, and the whole month, the achievements of women around the world are commemorated. With today’s women thriving and making major advances in different facets of society, they now have taken the driver’s seat and possess the power to steer change and progress in their hands.

    Smart and competent on the road, women are attracted to cars that offer practicality, comfort, value for money, and safety. Combining agility, affordability, and fuel efficiency of a compact car with the flexibility and spaciousness of an SUV, the Ford EcoSport is the perfect match for women and here are eight reasons why:

    • It has all the space you need

    The 5-seater EcoSport is the perfectly-sized, affordable SUV that women look for. It has a clever design that makes the most of every bit of space. It has 20 accessible compartments including cup holders, side-door pockets, a slide-out drawer under the front passenger seat, and a glove box that can keep food and drinks cool. That’s more than enough room for daily essentials such as umbrella, sunglasses, extra clothes, laptop, you name it

    What’s more, when the rear seats are folded, more room for groceries, travel luggage and bags, and even a 560-liter washing machine is revealed. It can even turn into your own portable walk-in closet, as you wish.

    • A really smart car

    The Ford EcoSport does not fall short in keeping up with the trends. No more fumbling through your bag to look for your car key with this one. Ford EcoSport’s Smart Keyless Entry allows doors to unlock automatically–so long as the key fob is within reach. Once inside, a push of the button is all that’s needed to start the engine, and off goes.

    This smart car is also equipped with SYNC, which allows the driver to activate certain features–take phone calls, listen to text messages, play music, etc–using their voice, suitable women always on-the-go. 

    • Comfortable and relaxed driving

    From smooth highways to rocky back road, the Ford EcoSport guarantees a comfortable and light foot drive. Coupled with good approach and departure angles, its 200 mm ground clearance between the driver and the road, potholes, or whatever else is in the way makes whoever drives it ready for anything.

    • Peace of mind with advanced safety features

    Turn corners and tread the traffic with confidence with the EcoSport’s Electronic Stability Program (ESP) and traction control as they limit the chance of wheel spins and over and understeering.

    The Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD) are installed in the vehicle to avoid skidding whenever you need to make a sudden stop. These ensure that the wheels do not lock, helping you feel more in control at all times.

    • Packed with Power

    The EcoSport is equipped with a 1.5L Ti-VCT 110PS/142 Nm engine and a 6-speed PowerShift automatic transmission (5-speed for manual) that efficiently saves fuel without sacrificing its top-of-the-line acceleration and unnoticeable gear changing capabilities. To put it simply, more smooth driving and less gas-pumping.

    • Stylish and Innovative Design

    With six colors (Panther Black, Ingot Silver, Winning Blue, Candy Red, Mars Red, Frozen White), and four regular variants (Ambiente 1.5L MT, Trend 1.5L MT, Trend 1.5L AT, Titanium 1.5L AT) to choose from, there is always an EcoSport to fit one’s personality and preference if you are looking for a stylish car.

    If you want a more a sportier look, The Ford EcoSport Black Edition is also available in the market. This special variant dons black-finished exterior details such as the grille and alloy wheels. It also has roof cross bars, rear spoiler, illuminated scruff plates, and sport pedals.

    • Parking made easy

    The EcoSport has built-in rear parking sensors that detect objects that are in your way when reversing and instantly alert you with beeping sounds.

    • It’s eco-friendly

    The EcoSport’s well thought out engineering offers drivers more kilometres out of every drop of fuel without compromising on responsive power. It has a carefully designed exterior boasting great aerodynamics that limits wind resistance for better fuel efficiency and smooth sailing. This allows women drivers to enjoy driving by spending less time at the pump and more time on the road.

    Are you ready to experience the Ford EcoSport? Drop by a Ford showroom nearest you or visit  for more information. Happy International Women’s Month!

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