Fujifilm Introduces Healthcare Imaging Solutions

    One of the most trusted camera and film brands in the country, Fujifilm Philippines, continues its advocacy for breast cancer awareness. The company is reminding every women to have themselves screen and checked for breast cancer owing to the alarming rates of breast cancer in the country.

    Fujifilm Philippines president Tomoyuki Fukura said: “Even with all the advancements in the medical field, there’s still no cure for breast cancer. Early detection and prevention are still key. We at Fujifilm PH would like to appeal to women to not be afraid and have themselves checked. The higher your risk factors, the earlier you should have a mammogram.”

    He adds that women should no longer dread undergoing a mammogram because digital technology has made the test more comfortable, quicker, and practically pain-free. However, testing and early detection are critical in lowering the mortality rate from breast cancer.

    Fujifilm has been contributing to the early detection and treatment of breast cancer through the promotion of the Pink Ribbon campaign by directing women’s awareness towards this cancer. The company recently partnered with Philippine Foundation for Breast Care Inc. in a breast cancer learning session with the media.


    Unknown to many, Fujifilm produces more than just cameras and film. Established in 1934, the brand has continuously worked to improve its proprietary core technologies. They have made countless optical devices and digital imaging in the healthcare industry. Through the company’s revolutionary techniques and wealth of experience, it has enabled them to come up with high-precision and high-resolution mammography devices. Fujifilm’s line of mammography machines offer image quality, versatility, and practicality. Because of Fujifilm’s digital imaging expertise, expect the machine to offer crisp and high-resolution images coupled with Fuji’s proprietary dual-side reading technology.

    These state-of-the-art machines are available locally. Earlier this year, the government-owned Philippine General Hospital acquired Fujifilm’s mammography machines to detect breast cancer and related ailments.

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